Great books, loved “Paranorma” that was the best book ever!! I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next!!!

Kristen Berggren

My son and daughter loved “The Dolphin And Me”, my kids can’t wait to get the sequel!!! Great book give a ten star review!!!!

Molly Delgon

My daughter loved “The Dolphin And Me” great pictures, all and allĀ  and it’s a great book!!! Author did an amazing job!!!

Scott Mason

Loved the short story newspaper the author did and loved all the short stories, very creative. Sarah Hanson

Sarah Hanson

Loved the article newspaper the author did, amazing work, loved all the articles, especially the travel ones. Great work, kudos to the author!!!

Chase Berling

Loved Paranorma, it was my favorite book, I loved all the short stories written by the author I can’t to see what’s next from this author!!!!

Megan Calhoun

I ordered both Article Allie and Paranorma Newspaper and just loved them both!! Great short stories. My most favorite was Article Allie, I loved all the articles!!!

Scott Johnson

Got a free copy of Confessions Of A Medium as free gift for my birthday, and I absolutely loved that book. I could totally relate to the character in so many ways and I experienced the paranormal and supernatural as well all my life. Great book, would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Lily Anne Franks

Just read Confessions Of A Medium and it was amazing!! Loved it!!!!! Going to recommend it to my friends and family!!!

Liza Caldwell

I just ordered A Hamster’s Wish for my son and daughter and they loved they loved it, it was the just the cutest book and I loved how it was based on true life.

Lily Steinwell

Loved Paranorma Horror Short Stories it was my favorite book by far!!!!

Maxine Weldon

I ordered Laurel’s Lover over a month ago, and I loved this book it was one of the best romance book I have read yet!! I fell in love with all the characters but my most favorite was Lucas not only is he a major hottie but he a bad boy and I love guys like he is totally my type. When reading this book I got drawn in as if I was there living everything the characters did. Not only was there hot love scenes but there was action and suspense as well. I give this author a ten star rating!!!

Maggie Muldoon

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